moonrats and abe vigoda at the echo

abe vigoda at the echo
Abe Vigoda are in favour of talking quite a lot between songs. One of them resembles moonrats at the echo12-year-old version of my coworker’s husband. That’s all.

Moonrats (who I first saw at the Naughty Bodies Volume One northern premiere) are fun to photograph.

I particularly enjoyed (you have to forgive me; I gloat so rarely) sneaking looks through the back of the large and expensively accessorised camera being used by a fellow picture taker and seeing that my photographs were better than his.

Mine aren’t fantastic, or anything, but at least my camera fits in my handbag so if I’m doing too badly I can just subtly sneak off.

The new lights at the Echo are nice.

God, I got bad at writing.

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