hello from los angeles

Los Angeles in Spring (Rachel Carr/©2012)

Hello from Los Angeles

I’m back in the land of eagles and coyotes for a while. It’s really hot and I’m shooting non stop and am very, very happy.

I’m officially here to take pictures of a) boutique hotels and b) beautiful people, but so far I’ve also shot a Russian Orthodox cathedral, fruit-laden Belgian waffles, a lot of random street art, children attempting to make human pyramids, the Rose Bowl flea market, Jesus on a hot plate and some really scary masks. If you want your picture taken, let me know.

Things you can’t really get in London with which I’m destroying my body and credit score in LA:

  • enchiladas that really taste like enchiladas
  • margaritas that really taste like margaritas
  • ridiculous amounts of sunshine
  • Mexican food with scrambled eggs in for breakfast
  • $10 moccasins
  • brunches with Blaque Chris
  • drive-by shooting of 1930s cinemas
  • the Mojave Desert

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