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V good year. #2015bestnine #theamethysthouse #vscocam

desert daze festival for impose magazine

spring in palm springs: coachella weekend (Rachel Carr/©2012 Rachel Carr, Countessian.com)DESERT DAZE FESTIVAL FOR IMPOSE MAGAZINE

I shot Bleached, Summer Twins, Pangea and Lovely Bad Things during the Desert Daze festival at Dillon’s Road House in Desert Hot Springs for Impose Magazine.

You can see the gallery on their website now. Go and look immediately.

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hello from los angeles

Los Angeles in Spring (Rachel Carr/©2012)

Hello from Los Angeles

I’m back in the land of eagles and coyotes for a while. It’s really hot and I’m shooting non stop and am very, very happy.

I’m officially here to take pictures of a) boutique hotels and b) beautiful people, but so far I’ve also shot a Russian Orthodox cathedral, fruit-laden Belgian waffles, a lot of random street art, children attempting to make human pyramids, the Rose Bowl flea market, Jesus on a hot plate and some really scary masks. If you want your picture taken, let me know.

Things you can’t really get in London with which I’m destroying my body and credit score in LA:

  • enchiladas that really taste like enchiladas
  • margaritas that really taste like margaritas
  • ridiculous amounts of sunshine
  • Mexican food with scrambled eggs in for breakfast
  • $10 moccasins
  • brunches with Blaque Chris
  • drive-by shooting of 1930s cinemas
  • the Mojave Desert

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seven years of ordinary life in LA

I MADE A BOOK! I made a book I made a book I made a book!

It’s called Seven Years of Ordinary Life in LA. I’ll be launching a proper website for it very soon, but in the meanwhile here’s some info.

If you like any of the bands I ever shot in Los Angeles, you’ll probably find them in the book. Off the top of my head, some of the bands included are Darker My Love, Wavves, Fucked Up, Murs, Trash Talk, No Age, Monotonix, Dead Mans Bones, Crystal Antlers, Audacity, Graham Forest, Harlem, Big Freedia, Woah Hunx, Titus Andronicus, Cowabunga Babes, Best Coast, Vivian Girls, Black Lips, White Fence, The Strange Boys and loads more that I can’t remember at the mo.

If you ever used to live anywhere near where I used to live, you’ll be homesick—in a good way—because I documented the hell out of Echo Park, West LA and all the bits in between, sometimes from the #4 bus. And if you fancied any of the many super gorgeous girls and boys with whom I had the privilege of spending my twenties, you will be in heaven. Or, if you just like the idea that ordinary life is just as worth remembering as the lives of richer/more famous/fancier people, this book is for you (and I want to be your friend.)

Head over to Kickstarter and support the project so we can make lots of copies of Seven Years of Ordinary Life in LA. And, please tell all your friends. We’ve got no money whatsoever to print them unless YOU pre-order your copy.

PS—Christopher Jesse Juarez did the music for the promo video in about two seconds flat and I LOVE IT.

Here’s some more info on the project:

We want this book to be very affordable to all the people who appear in it, so it’ll be available in both paperback and hardback form. With our Kickstarter funding, we’ll be able to afford to print the first batch of copies (as well as two proof copies to make sure everything looks gorgeous).

When I was leaving Los Angeles and moving back to London, one of my friends said, “Thank you for documenting our twenties.” We had a lot of fun over the seven years I lived there. I hope you like the pictures.

When I moved to LA, aged 21, even the most ordinary things seemed very foreign and exotic. Over the seven years I lived there, I never got bored love of shooting all the normal things going on around my day-to-day life (which bemused my American friends but delighted my mum.)

Back home in England, we see so much photography from Los Angeles, but the action films, paparazzi shots, beach babes and plastic surgery that make the headlines had nothing at all to do with my normal lives as honorary Angeleno.

Of course, over seven years, sometimes unusual things do happen, like police interrupting a fantastically picturesque street party, the LA Marathon going right past your apartment, or a being woken up by tribal drums as a protest against immigration policy dances up your street, but on the whole I just took pictures of what went on in my neighbourhood, what my neighbours got up to on the weekends, my Russian teacher and her new dog, tons of really good and very loud bands, the weekend balloon-seller man walking past the murals on the wall of the clinic down the road, and everything else that a less picture-obsessed person might be able to ignore.

I didn’t set out to make a book when I first touched down at LAX, but by the time I was lugging my suitcases through security on my way back to London seven years I knew exactly how the book was going to be. It’s a really personal project now, summing up the sunny SoCal years from a small island on the other side of the world.

coachella crowd stars

Coachella Festival 2009, Indio, California (Rachel Carr/Countessian.com)

I love/hate Coachella. I’m not shooting it this year because I’m busy getting reacquainted with Europe, but I’ll miss meeting all the lovely people, like this lot.

I love festival crowd shots. Firstly, I love weather, so having changing skies to shoot under all day makes me gleeful. And, dressed-up people who’ve looked forward to being there for ages, having the time of their lives, make for great portraits. Then there are the laden-down photographers, lugging heavy stuff all over fields in the pouring rain/boiling sun and running from stage to stage, giving themselves bruises from their 70-200mms smacking them on the hip with every step. It’s an ideal setting for shooting documentary-style portraits, which of course makes me fantastically happy.

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Coachella Festival 2009, Indio, California (Rachel Carr/Countessian.com)

Coachella Festival 2009, Indio, California (Rachel Carr/Countessian.com)

Coachella Festival 2009, Indio, California (Rachel Carr/Countessian.com)

Coachella Festival 2009, Indio, California (Rachel Carr/Countessian.com)

Coachella Festival 2009, Indio, California (Rachel Carr/Countessian.com)

Coachella music festival in Indio, California--NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE, PORTFOLIO ONLY (Rachel Carr)

coachee loves you badge/pin from coachella music festival in indio, california (rachel carr)

coachella 2010

coachella 2010

Went to Coachella; took pictures. You can see them by clicking on the links below:

Day One: Dillinger Escape Plan, Gil Scott Heron, The Specials, Them Crooked Vultures, Grizzly Bear, LCD Soundsystem, Echo & the Bunnymen, Jay-Z, Public Image Ltd, Fever Ray, Whitest Boy Alive

Day Two: Porcupine Tree, Girls, Camera Obscura, Beach House, Tokyo Police Club, The Gossip, The XX, Hot Chip, Faith No More, Muse, Major Lazer, Flying Lotus, Die Antwoord, Dead Weather, Devo

Day Three: The Middle East, The Soft Pack, King Khan and the Shrines with Yo Gabba Gabba, Local Natives, Owen Pallett, Deerhunter, Mayer Hawthorne, De La Soul, Sunny Day Real Estate, Yo La Tengo, Florence & the Machine, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Spoon, Pavement, Orbital, Jonsi, Thom Yorke, Gorillaz

[These pictures were brought to you with the much appreciated assistance of Chris La Putt at Brooklyn Vegan, who is a top-notch photo editor; Josh Fishman, Genevieve with Little Dragon, Sean Carlson, Joshua Pressman and Juanita Garcia, who got me where I needed to be; and Chris Mathis and Chris Juarez, who kept me from getting desert fever. It’s weird out there.)

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